City of Fargo Working on Road Repairs

Potholes can appear quickly, especially in roads that are already in need of repairs

You may not even notice one until you drive over it and officials with the city of Fargo say they are getting an early start on pothole repairs this season.

Many of us are enjoying the warmer temperatures during the day, but it still gets below freezing at night.

Fargo Public works tells us the cycle of freezing and melting is a recipe for potholes.

They are popping up left and right.

Potholes can appear fast…especially in roads that are already needing repairs.

City officials say they usually don’t have to worry about this increase until March or April but they do keep an eye on potholes all year long.

“Water kind of gets in there, the ice gets in there, as temperatures freeze it tracks and it pops the material out that was there thus creating a pothole,” said Lee Anderson with Fargo Public Works.

For now, crews are putting a layer of asphalt down and in the summer they’ll be working with conditions that allow them to make a permanent solution.

You can help the city locate these new potholes so they can address them.

We’ll show you how on KVRR Local News at 9.

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