NDSU holds a protest of a bill banning grant money for sex education

The amended bill would prohibit funding federal grant money to Planned Parenthood for sex education in the state.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Students and faculty at NDSU petition the Legislature not to pass a North Dakota senate bill that would prohibit funding federal grant money to Planned Parenthood for sex education in the state.

“The language of this legislation is written so broadly that it would likely impact faculty across a wide range of disciplines,” North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Faculty Representative, Dr. Liz Legerski said.

North Dakota Senate Bill 2030 provides funding to the State Board of Higher Education to help advance academics, but a newly amended part of that bill is threatening research and sex education courses.

Some lawmakers claim it could result in classes that promote abortion.

“It’s going to be threatening people’s ability to research with certain organizations, intern with them; the university to have certain programs in place for sex education and things like that. I think it’s a bit of an overstep for them and I don’t like them being in my business,” NDSU student, Natasha Rosario said.

NDSU students are saying this is an infringement in their education and are asking the general public if they share their concerns to help them sign this petition.

“The petition is in place in order to get general North Dakota universities and concerned community members able to petition and express their desire to show that they care about their academic freedoms and they’re not happy about the consequences that they’re putting in place for the university if this does go through as is,” Rosario said.

Petitioners say the amendments implemented are to undermine a federal research grant from the Department of Health and Human Services that was awarded to researchers at NDSU and Planned Parenthood.

“The reality is we know that comprehensive sex education works and the research partnership doesn’t involve abortion or the provision of abortions and that is something that has been implied and part of the target of those that have created those amendments,” Legerski said.

Legerski says she wishes to see the amended parts of the bill removed by state legislators.

“Essentially what happened was the bull was hijacked by these amendments that turned it into a political issue and were seeking to target this federal grant at NDSU,” said Legerski.

A link to the petition can be found here.


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