Melinda’s Garden Moment: Edible Beauty In Your Garden

You don't have to sacrifice between the looking good and tasting good in your garden


Get the most beauty and edibility from every square inch of your garden or container.

Use color and texture to create attractive edible displays. The silver foliage of the artichoke contrasts with the bold red cabbage. The purple fruit of eggplant and leaves of red onyx pepper echo the purple to unify the planting.

Fill every space by interplanting short season crops like radishes, beets and lettuce between long season crops like cabbage, peppers or tomatoes.
Save space and increase the beauty by growing in wide rows or blocks. Give plants just enough room to reach their mature size.
Fill edible and ornamental containers with colorful leaf lettuce, mustard and other greens and keep them producing with regular harvesting.

Go vertical to save space, create a focal point and reduce the risk of disease.

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