Melinda’s Garden Moment

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Kid-Friendly Eyeballs & Brains

Plant some eyeballs, brains, firecrackers and popcorn in your kid friendly garden.

  Eyeballs, brains, firecrackers and popcorn can help persuade the youngsters in your life to start gardening. These plants add a bit of fun and possibly some gruesome beauty to any garden or container. Just give the popcorn cassia (Senna didymobotrya) a gentle pet for a whiff of popcorn. Or sniff the flowers and the peanut butter fragrance will have…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Edible Beauty In Your Garden

You don't have to sacrifice between the looking good and tasting good in your garden

  Get the most beauty and edibility from every square inch of your garden or container. Use color and texture to create attractive edible displays. The silver foliage of the artichoke contrasts with the bold red cabbage. The purple fruit of eggplant and leaves of red onyx pepper echo the purple to unify the planting. Fill every space by interplanting…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Grow Your Own Bouquets

You don't need to go out and buy flowers from a florist or a grocery store.

  Fill a few spaces, garden beds and containers with easy care flowers to cut and enjoy in bouquets and arrangements. The All America Selections winner, Queeny Lime Orange Zinnia (Zinnia elegans ‘Queeny Lime Orange’), can easily be started from seed in the garden. For earlier bloom, sow seeds indoors several weeks before the last spring frost. The compact Victoria…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Hardiness Zones

Increase your gardening success by selecting plants suited to your cold hardiness zone and other environmental conditions.

  Increase your gardening success by selecting plants suited to your cold hardiness zone and other environmental conditions. Hardiness zones reflect the average minimum temperatures for an area. Buying cold hardy plants helps reduce losses when extreme winter temperatures occur. You’ll find the USDA Plant Hardiness Map printed in garden books and catalogues. Locate your town on the map and…

Melinda’s Garden: Herbs

Expand your garden's flavor, fragrance and beauty with these lesser-used herbs

  Expand your garden’s flavor, fragrance and beauty with these lesser-used herbs. Enjoy the attractive cucumber-flavored leaves of salad burnet (Sanguisorba minor) in salads, on sandwiches, and in dips. Or add a refreshing hint of cucumber to lemonade and sparkling water. Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens) has a similar flavor that is stronger, less bitter and less minty than Greek oregano….

Melinda’s Garden Moment: A Pop Of Color With Coleus

We're beginning this season of Melinda's Garden Moments with a burst of color you can put in your garden.

  The colorful and uniquely shaped leaves of coleus have made it a favorite of gardeners for several centuries. But recent introduction have helped move it out of containers and the shade and into sunny borders. Here at Boerner Botanical Gardens they created several gardens featuring a few sun loving varieties. This large oval garden features Flamethrower Habanero coleus. The…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Keep Growing All Winter Even In Conditions That Aren't Ideal

  Add a few houseplants to brighten those low light locations in your home and improve your indoor air quality. Selecting the right plants and providing proper care will save you time and keep your plants looking their best. Pothos, philodendron, snake plant and ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant are a few of the most low light tolerant plants. Use your…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Indoor Gardening

Keep Your Green Thumb Going During Winter

Brighten your home with a few colorful amaryllis. Purchase firm bulbs free of soft spots and blemishes. Plant one or more bulbs in a container with drainage holes that is slightly larger than the bulbs. Plant your amaryllis in a well-drained potting mix leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb above the soil surface. Then water thoroughly. Or place several…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Pine Colors

Pine Trees Can Also Provide Vibrant Fall Colors

  The light airy texture of this tree makes it a standout – even among all these beautiful and unusual plants. But in fall when the needles turn yellow it truly is amazing. Yes this conifer and a few others are deciduous. Though they bear needles and cones like pines and spruces, they are not evergreen. The larches needles turn…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Composting

Don't let a lack of space stop you from composting.

Don’t let a lack of space stop you from composting. Convert kitchen scraps and garden debris into compost right in the garden. Use the pathway between gardens for sheet composting. Place damaged plant leaves, annual weeds that have not flowered or gone to seed and similar plant trimmings in the pathways. As you walk across the path you help break…