Moorhead Agrees To Pay Retainer Fee For Possible Mosquito Aerial Spraying

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead’s City Council has decided to put the company that does aerial spraying for mosquitoes on retainer.

The fee to secure Airborne Custom Spraying of Halstad, Minnesota is $12,000.

That money would count toward the spraying cost which runs around $28,000 per application if the city council decided to go ahead and spray later in the summer.

Cass County Vector Control has provided mosquito control service to Moorhead since 2015, but this year’s renewal is having a bit of push back over concerns of aerial spraying.

Concerns remain over how the mosquito insecticide will continue to affect the area.

It comes after a mass butterfly kill-off in the FM metro caused by aerial spraying to control mosquitoes late last July.

Officials from Vector Control say the aerial spraying is a necessary part in helping keeping the mosquito population at bay.

Fargo already extended its agreement for aerial spraying.

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