West Fargo Fire Department’s arson K-9 is re-certified

Mika has renewed her accelerant detection certification.

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — West Fargo Fire Department’s Arson K-9 passes her recertification test.

Mika has renewed her accelerant detection certification. Due to COVID, the test was conducted virtually.

Mika and her handler, John Neeb attended a 200-hour training to prepare for the exam. West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller says the exam is to make sure Mika is accurate in what she is doing and any evidence is valid in court.

Neeb says Mika had to pass all five tests before getting recertified.

“We did our basics like we do every morning and night always. We also had a scent discrimination meaning she’s smelling between basic building materials in the area, so they’re burnt. She has to discriminate between those and find the one that actually has fuel on it. Then we did room sniffs and we also did a block activity, where she goes into each of the holes and blocks and figures out which one has a scent,” Neeb said.

Mika is West Fargo’s first K-9 on the team.

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