Contractors build free handicap-accessible ramp for Fargo woman

The new ramp will help provide a sense of safety for Barbara Sather who's been left with lingering effects after her battle with cancer.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Local contractors are giving one local woman a little more sense of freedom by helping build a handicap-accessible ramp at her doorstep.

“They had a ramp before that we are replacing with a permanent ramp so it’s definitely a rewarding deal,” Remodelers Council Chairman Steve Schall said.

Barbara Sather who’s dealing with an acquired brain injury diagnosis after battling two bouts with cancer will get to feel safer walking out the door.

“We had a ramp but it was a metal ramp and now we’re getting a wooden ramp so it’s not going to be as flimsy,” said Barbara.

The first ramp was on loan from Freedom Resource, a disability rights organization that helps people with disabilities during times of transition.

Fortunately for Barb this new ramp will be hers to enjoy permanently.

“This ramp was just a surprise to us actually from the Home builders Association, it literally came out of the blue and they accepted us as a place to allow for more freedom, I guess and to be able for Barb to safely get in and out of the house,” Barbara’s husband Kent Sather said.

The newly constructed ramp will even include added safety features.

“There will be railings on the ramp, we’ll have to have some posts going down to the ground to make sure everything is sturdy and secure and make sure it’s safe for everybody to be walking up and down the ramps,” said Schall.

With her new and improved ramp, Barbara is left feeling content.

“It was amazing and I was excited,” Barbara said.

The ramp was completed Thursday afternoon.

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