NDDoH expert: No concerns about vaccinated people ditching masks

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — An epidemiologist with the North Dakota Department of Health says vaccinated people should have no concerns about ditching face masks.

Brenton Nesemeier says recent studies show that the COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping people out of hospitals and from dying.

As of Tuesday, 52 percent of people in Cass County are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Neseimer believes the CDC’s new guidance may help push us toward herd immunity, which is a 70 percent vaccination rate.

“Especially now with the CDC coming out saying that you can ditch the mask if you’re vaccinated; I think that’ll prompt some people to go in and get vaccinated,” Nesemeier said.

He reiterates that you should continue staying home when sick and washing your hands regularly.

Nesemeier also emphasizes the need to respect the decisions of local businesses that may still require masks.

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