Ceremony honors Grand Forks Officer Holte one year after his death

"Rest in peace Cody, We've got it from here."

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) — A year has passed since the death of Grand Forks police officer Cody Holte who was killed in the line of duty.

“Cody made the ultimate sacrifice of his life protecting his fellow law enforcement officers,” Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson said.

May 27 marks the day officer Holte was struck by gunfire and killed after helping deputies serve an eviction notice, now a year later friends, family and members of the department are paying their respects.

Now, a starting prayer comforts those who mourn their loss.

“I pray that you will bless those who are hurting today and those who experience great loss,” Chaplain Michael Custer said.

Grand Forks Police Chief, Mark Nelson remembers the tragic day and says it’s a day he won’t forget.

“That was a day that will be burned into the mind of the law enforcement community and this community as a whole,” said Nelson.

Other members of the department express Holte’s heroic efforts as they pay their respects.

“Cody rushed into a scene knowing the danger and he did so because the other officers needed his assistance and he put himself in harm’s way in the defense of fellow officers, what a selfless and caring act for another human being,” Grand Forks Police Lieutenant Derik Zimmel said.

Nelson says it is a time of reflection and dedication to persevere.

“It is time for us to continue to move forward. We are resilient, like a piece of steel that has been forged in fire And have come out stronger. We learned what strength is by watching Cody’s family. They hallow themselves with grace and poise; they’re truly my heroes and I’m honored to call them my friends,” Nelson said.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Nelson says one final goodbye.

“Rest in peace Cody, we’ve got it from here,” added Nelson.

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