Memorial Day Ceremonies Held at Riverside & Sunset Gardens Cemeteries

"Memorial Day is the opportunity to pay homage to the people who have gone before us."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Multiple Memorial Day services were held throughout the Fargo area.

Families loved ones, veterans, active servicemen and women all coming out for one thing.

Retired Navy Captain Jerry Rostad says, “Memorial Day is the opportunity to pay homage to the people who have gone before us. The military service members who have given the ultimate sacrifice. They’ve died in service for the country.”

Services kicked off at Riverside Cemetery in Fargo with the laying of the wreaths and flowers.

“These flowers of red are offered in memory of our heroic dead who fell in defense of our country. The white flower is a symbol of purity and it is with this purity purpose, our soldiers, sailors and marines march away with unselfish courage. Blue is a symbol of remembrance and the emblem of loyalty,” Master of Ceremonies, Jason Hicks said.

There was a musical performance by the Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band. One of the band members says this is a way for him to pay tribute.

“This is just our way of giving back. We want to give back as long as we can because we can play until we get very old,” Air Force veteran Lawrence Woodbury said.

Columnist and Radio Commentator Jim Shaw says, “All of those buried here and all of the millions, who have answered the call for this great nation, we cannot thank you enough.”

Shaw gave a speech where he shared stories of veterans. Over at Sunset Gardens Cemetery, more people came out to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers.

“I’ve spent over 30 years at the VA Hospital. I was married to a veteran. He died two to three years ago. I understand this. I am just proud of the veterans and I appreciate them,” veteran’s wife Carolyn Thue said.

Those at the ceremony paid their respects by laying flowers and visiting the graves of those who went before them.

Local resident Kurt Aho says, “I hope and pray that we will be a family who will be willing to give our lives for others also.”

“You have to remember what everyone has done in the past and we have to watch what we’re doing in the future,” Retired Navy veteran John Berke said.

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