Fargodome Hosts Fargo High School Graduation Ceremonies

Ceremonies were held for Fargo South, North, and Davies.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargodome hosting Fargo Public School high school graduations.

“South got us ready for the real world. No matter what challenge is thrown to us, South High alumni will always find a way to make it through,” Fargo South High School Graduate, Sibomana Enock said.

Family members, friends, teachers, and loved ones coming out for the graduates. Ceremonies were held for Fargo South, North, and Davies. South kicked off the day with the first ceremony.

“I want to give a big thank you to snip tool, SparkNotes, Quizlet, easybib, and Wikipedia, for always being there for us,” Fargo South High School Senior Speaker, Lars Hager said.

Students thrived through an unprecedented pandemic but still made it to the finish line. While one chapter closes, another one opens. One graduate says memories are the key to staying connected.

“The things we see or hear or think about that remind us of each other will be a constant reminder of the effects we had on the other people in this class. As long as we carry those memories with us that’s all we really need,” Fargo South High School Senior Speaker, Madeline Robinson said.

Some of the graduates want to share a message with the class of 2021.

Kiras Carlisle says “I wish you all good luck wherever your paths may lead you.”

“Let’s make this life count. Make everything count. Just live life and be happy,” Ellone Gaylah said.

Rhiannon Solberg says “I’m just so happy for all of them and of course I want to stay in touch, but I’m glad we did it together through the pandemic.”

Davies High School Presiding Senior Speaker Max Pritchard says “Graduates, this portion of our journey is complete. Will you all please join me in the ceremonial turning of the tassels.”

Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi praising the graduates for all of their hard work.

“Your class has demonstrated leadership, grace, understanding, and most importantly you have taught all of us that sometimes individual sacrifices are needed to benefit the common good,” Gandhi said.

We have a link by clicking here to all of the ceremonies.

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