Groups display flags at Fargo City Hall to showcase diversity

A unique display of love and unity

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Bridge The Gap in collaboration with OneFargo come together at Fargo City Hall to help teach people about the different heritages and cultures in the community.

“We want people to be able to come here, look around and see themselves and feel comfortable here,” Wess Philome with OneFargo said.

The flags that are here are a representation of a multicultural display of love and unity.

“With this flag display, each and every flag that we display has been donated by a member of the community or have been requested to be displayed by a member of this community,” Avalon Fyreheart with Bridge The Gap said.

In relation to Monday being Flag Day, Bridge the Gap and OneFargo placed flags on the City Hall lawn to showcase the diversity within Fargo.

“Just giving people that representation that something so small just means the world to people they feel like they are part of the community and i know the work we are doing is good and right,” Wess Philome said.

Not only did the group want to showcase diversity, but also bring awareness to a recent hate crime ordinance that is being considered by the City Commission.

“For the people who are put there if you care about the community you would want to see those people who are most vulnerable to be protected, so I would tell them to be a part of that and to push for that change so that so that everyone feel safe and welcome in our community,” Philome said.

“Any flag that is up there could be apart of my family. Frankly, every flag we do display I feel is someone who is a part of my family,” Fyreheart said.

The flags can also be seen on the walking bridge across I-94 while driving in Fargo and give people a personal connection to the cause.

“There are alot of people of different backgrounds and different colors in this community and we should all be accepted and united as one,” Philome said.

“One big family and we all are going to fight for each other no matter what because at the end of the day if we dont fight for them who is going to fight for us when its our turn?” Fyreheart said.

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