Alfresco Islands Outdoor Areas Are Back in Fargo

The Downtown Community Partnership returns the outdoor seating area throughout Fargo.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — There are so many opportunities to do outside in the summertime in Fargo, but you should consider visiting the Alfresco Islands.

“I love the benches. I love any opportunity we are given to sit outside,” Sandy’s Donuts Store Manager Ann Olson said.

Alfresco Islands are back. The Downtown Community Partnership returns the outdoor seating area throughout Fargo. The islands consist of parklets, benches and tables.

“The whole idea behind the DCP is to embrace the downtown community and this is just another way to show people how pretty it is just sitting outside, instead of being inside of a restaurant and watching a TV while you eat. You can bring your takeout outside and just kind of enjoy your lunch hour a little bit and get some fresh air,” Downtown Community Partnership Community Relations Coordinator Hannah Boor said.

Interstate Parking is the sponsor for this project. The Business Improvement District will be cleaning the tables on Broadway. On the map, the orange stars are where the Alfresco Islands are, but the blue stars are locations with only benches.

“I think it’s a great addition. They’re beautiful flowers right downtown Fargo. I think it’s a great addition….Do you see yourself using them in the future?…. Yes, working downtown, I’m down here five days a week eating outside, so I definitely see myself coming here eating lunch with some co-workers,” Onsharp Inc. Operations Specialist McKenzie Johnson said.

Another Fargonan says she hopes people come out to enjoy the area.

“Just so many opportunities. So, I just encourage people to get down here and enjoy it and take advantage of everything that has been done for us,” Olson said.

Alfresco Islands are going to be available all summer long. So anyone can come out and enjoy the seating areas until the end of August. The DCP plans on adding more locations soon.

Click here for more information about Alfresco Islands.

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