LIVE: Juneteenth Celebration Planned For June 19th In Fargo

Juneteenth Named State Holiday In North Dakota Earlier This Year


A big celebration is set for this Saturday for the holiday that marks the end of slavery in the U.S.

A Juneteenth celebration is set for this Saturday, June 19th, at Lindenwood Park.
This video above shows clips from last year’s Juneteenth march in Fargo.
The holiday has gained prominence in the last year, with North Dakota making it a state holiday earlier this year.
Organizers say this year’s event will be joyous and family-friendly.
There will be free food, singers, dancers, speakers and bouncy houses for kids.
Organizer Faith Shields-Dixon says the event commemorates the destruction of a Internal, oppressive and immoral system that divided us and threatened to destroy the country.

She adds, “And so we want to celebrate this day. We want to make sure we commemorate this day and just show that we’ve moved past some barriers but there’s still a lot to break.”

Shields-Dixon says we are moving in the right direction when it comes to racial equality in our community, but says we must do more to educate about systemic racism.

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