A01 Charity Softball Game Brings Former NDSU QB’s Together Again

Wenzt, Stick, Lance and Jensen all back in Fargo

FARGO, N.D. — It’s a reunion unlike any other as the last four North Dakota State quarterbacks Trey Lance, Easton Stick, Carson Wentz and Brock Jensen are all back together in Fargo as part of Wentz’s charity the A01 Foundation.

Lance is back for the first time since getting drafted 3rd overall by the San Francisco 49ers. The rookie did not play in the game however enjoyed coaching up former teams as a coach for team offense. He did pick Stick to win the home run derby, who participated in this event the last time it took place in 2019.

For the last three QB’s to all make it to the NFL and come together in one place for a good cause represents a lot to them and the program that molded them.

“Easton and I were talking about it the other day. If you were to tell me 7-8 years ago the guys we have in the NFL from NDSU at the quarterback position, I’d tell you you’re crazy,” Wentz said.  “You don’t see that often with any program. It’s awesome. I think it’s a testament to the program that we all come from and NDSU and the culture they have.”

“We talk about it all the time just how unique of a situation it is coming from a place like North Dakota State,” Stick said. “Getting a chance to live out the childhood dream and play at that level. It’s really cool we get a chance here to be back here together. It’s not very often that we make so it’s pretty neat.”

“Easton, Carson, Brock, those are guys that I’ve looked up to since I was in high school since I knew I was coming to North Dakota State,” Lance said. “Just to be a part of this for me is special for sure.”

Getting the opportunity to engage with the community and put on a show again for the people that gave so much to them will always be a blessing.

“It’s fun to get back here every summer. Obviously we missed it last year,” Wentz said. “I think you can tell the excitement level with some of these events we been doing for people. Hey, let’s get outside and so some of these things. Have a sense of normalcy a little bit.”

“I think you know it when you’re here but when you’re removed from it and the longer you’re removed from it, the more it becomes apparent” Stick said. “Even just talking to other guys in the locker room about their college experience and just the language they use and stories they tell. This place is just different. It really is. The relationships we still have with each other as players as coaches, they’re really strong and have stay strong. Guys are all over the country, having families and those relationships are the same. We come back and get together, nothing has changed.”

“Just a special place. Being able to be a part of this and this community,” Wentz said. “Being able to be here is special. Fargo is special and this group of guys is special as well.”

Lance’s prediction of Stick winning did not hold up as Easton did not live up to the name with zero home runs. The Green Bay Packers Zack Johnson used that offensive lineman strength to belt out 5 in the first round and 4 in the final round to win and donate over 4 thousand dollars on money balls to go towards the ao1 foundation.

KVRR Sports will have a full recap of the game on Sunday’s newscast.

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