Public Service Held For Jupiter Paulsen at Scheels Arena

"She's still with me everywhere I go. She's in the trees, in the grass, the sunshine, and the stars and anything beyond that, but most of all, she's with us."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — An emotional public service is held outside Scheels Arena in Fargo for Jupiter Paulsen, the Fargo teen killed earlier this month in a random attack.

“I hope you guys could see it from my perspective how she was. She was not just a person that worked or just a person who was just there, she was the most heartwarming loving person you could ever meet,” Jupiter’s sister, Phoenix Paulsen said.

Daisy Jade Paulsen is also known as Jupiter left the world at 14 years old. Jupiter was repeatedly stabbed and beaten right near a South Fargo shopping center earlier this month. Now, family and loved ones are coming together to honor her.

“She’s still with me everywhere I go. She’s in the trees, in the grass, the sunshine, and the stars and anything beyond that, but most of all, she’s with us, but she’s also with my grandmother. Now my grandmother and sister passed away within three months of each other. I’m not going to lie, it’s tough, but at least they’re together,” Jupiter’s sister, Casey Paulsen said.

Jupiter is described as a beautiful person filled with love and compassion for others. She is the type of person to make flower crowns and give them to strangers just to see a smile. Her personality is why her father chose the life flame to honor her with.

“As far as the life flame, we picked that out because that’s who Daisy was. She was all about life and she wanted to show everybody that if you’re having a bad day, she’ll find a way to put a smile on your face, rather than it being a drawing, or she’ll sing, or write a poem,” Jupiter’s father, Robert Paulsen III said.

Mayor Tim Mahoney and both the Fargo Police Chief and the Cass County Sheriff came out to pay their respects to the family. They plan on meeting with the father to discuss steps on preventing violence in the community.

“I just hope this community comes together like they are and stays strong and we kind of put the violence behind us as part of it and just come together and heal. As I said, honor Daisy, Jupiter,” Jupiter’s uncle, Shane Paulsen said.

Part of Jupiter’s poem she wrote says I wish I was the rain so I could be free. Free to be whoever I wanted and free to be wherever I went.

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