LIVE: 701 Day

Show your true North Dakota-loving colors this summer.

Alas, Pride Month is all but over.

And Independence Day doesn’t show up until Sunday.

But don’t put away your party outfits just yet, because the folks at the Fargo Park District are keeping the party going for us.

That’s because they’ve got a great lineup of fun and interactive ways you can celebrate our little corner of the country, North Dakota, this week.

It’s called 701 Day, and it falls on — when else? — 7/01, or Thursday of this week.

It’s all happening at Broadway Square with live music, an interactive art piece, free goodies and giveaways, and an agricultural workshop with some major machinery on hand.

It gives us a chance to really appreciate all that’s specialĀ  about our state and show it off to others, whether they’re in the know or just now coming to realize how unique our state really is.

This year, you can even wear your heart on your sleeve — or tote bag, or t-shirt.

The Park District’s Jessica Korynta joined the Morning Show live in the studio to show Emily Welker how to screen print a colorful 701 t-shirt, just like you can do this Thursday at 701 Day.

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