Local Reaction to NCAA Athletes having the opportunity to get paid

Easton Stick, Derrek Tuszka in favor of it for NDSU athletes

FARGO, N.D. — Starting Thursday¬† all NCAA athletes can make money of their name, image and likeness. It creates a major shift in the organizations view on amateurism in the past where athletes were not given this right.

Anything from posts on social media, teaching camps, starting their own business or signing autographs are fair game to profit of off. Agents can be hired to help gain endorsement deals.
However, the rule that prevents schools from paying players or in recruitment remains intact.

With each state having different laws around name, image and likeness, NCAA president Mark Emmert says they’ll continue working with congress to come up with more clarity.

For Bison NFLers Easton Stick and Derrek Tuszka both say its much deserved.

“I could imagine it be a real cool opportunity for a lot of those guys especially here in this community where there is so much support constantly,” Stick said. “I think it’ll be something that is really good for the program and for the players.”

” I would’ve liked to have got paid. That would be nice,” Tuszka said. “As a college kid, you can’t make much anyways and the amount of money this program can bring in because of our football program. As much as I see these guys work. I see them running out here right now. They deserve it.”

NDSU is partnering with a company to help educate and track NIL activity while UND is waiting to release a statement until Thursday.

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