Red River Valley Fair returns

We got shorted last year and then this pandemic happened and we weren't able to have one. Now look around, people are just so happy to be here."

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The Red River Valley Fair kicks off the start to two weeks full of summer fun.

After two years without coming around, the Red River Valley Fair is giving people the fun they’ve been waiting for with the 10 best days of summer.

“It is just a huge relief seeing the smiles. If you look around you see that people are happy. We got shorted last year and then this pandemic happened and we weren’t able to have one. Now look around. People are just so happy to be here. It wasn’t a hard decision to make considering how happy everyone is and we need this. I think it’s time,” Red River Valley Fair CEO Cody Cashman said.

Cashman says the fair not only brings back the fun after the pandemic but it helps with education as well as boost the local economy.

“We are a non-profit, so when I tell people to come out and support us I mean it. We do this for the community, we do this to educate the public on agriculture so everything we do is agriculturally driven and it’s important that everybody knows that when they come here and spend a dollar that is supporting your local non profit agricultural fair,” said Cashman.

The fair offers lots of games, carnival rides and a variety of local food vendors.

“We got the AG education center for the young, we got bingo here, strongman competition, queen competition, everything you can imagine, food that’s what everybody comes here for the most part, you’ll see about 10 new vendors at least and they’re really really good. Rides concert and way way more,” Cashman¬† said.

People at the fair say it’s been a long wait but they are glad to have something to enjoy for the summer.

“It just starts to make everything feel more normal and so it’s wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy life together again and see all the people and just hangout,” Stephanie Hoff from Fargo said.

“This is a family tradition for us. We come every year, the whole family comes, all the kids and we really missed not having it last year,” Kristi Gellner from Fargo said.

The fair runs through the 18th.

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