“Festival of Fire” Held In Downtown Fargo

In an effort to educate and explore different cultures in the community, Broadway square and one local man came together to host the festival of fire.

FARGO, ND (KVRR) — The Fargo- Moorhead community was invited to learn more about the annual Somali celebration known as Neeroosh, or the festival of fire, which celebrates the beginning of the solar year.

The event was held at Broadway Square and also focused on bringing different cultures together as one.

“Educational thing we want to educate people we want different people to talk to each other sit down with each other listen to each other educational is the most important reason we are having this event,” said Cani Aden.

This cultural event was open to the public and people were able to try Somali food as well as bring their own cultural food to share.

The purpose of the event was for people to learn about different backgrounds and to share different elements about their culture.

“My community this is very important for us because we have been able to perform our cultural dance here we have our cultural food here for the community we have opportunity to talk to the community where we can learn from each other we can share what our cultural looks like, we come from back home where the war is we want to show them we are a peaceful community,” Cani Aden said.

“I would say as much as i wanna go ahead and share my culture with everyone i feel like everyone wants to do that,” said Sowda Shube.

Members of the Somali community performed their cultural dances and spoke about what it means to them.

“So the first dance we did was called donta. It’s a small Somali cultural dance we do at weddings and cultural events. The second one is called goldbeda and both have very much importance to me,” Sowda Shube said.

“Getting up on that stage really makes me feel like i’m out there showing my culture to the community and making it diverse in the city so it’s an honor to be apart of all that and share our cultural traditions and to partake in the diversity that is going on in town,” said Sowda Shube.

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