West Fargo Fire Department in need of part-time firefighters

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – West Fargo is growing so quickly that the fire department is responding to more service calls than ever before.

“The year has been pretty tough,” said West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller.

West Fargo Fire crews not only battle blazes, but also respond to medical, hazmat, rescue, alarm and public service calls.

From 2017 to 2020, calls have increased by over 300%.

“I’m retired, so this gives me a chance to give back to the community that I live in, that my kids go to school in,” explained West Fargo part-time firefighter and chaplain David Nerud.

The West Fargo Fire Department utilizes a hybrid career and part-time system. That allows the department to take less money out of taxpayers’ pockets.

“If we were to hire everyone we need right now and get the next two stations staffed, it would just completely break the city’s budget,” Fuller said.

Instead, the department is looking for 15 part-time, on-call firefighters to help with the high demand of calls.

Part-time firefighters work 12 hours a month with opportunities to work more if needed.

“You can give back to your community, you can be a part of your community, and then to be a part of the fire department; to be part of that brother and sisterhood of bringing people together. There’s nothing like it,” Nerud added.

They say there’s no wrong type of candidate to fill these boots. Nerud said, “I’m 52-years-old. I’m the oldest newbie they’ve ever had, so if I can do it, almost anybody can do it.”

The department is also requesting three full-time firefighters in the 2022 budget.

To learn more or apply, click here.

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