Women’s self-defense class held amid crime concerns in Fargo

Women in the area got the opportunity to learn about self defense and prepare themselves against possible violence.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Women in the area get the opportunity to learn about self defense and prepare themselves against possible violence.

Define the Fight Women’s Self Defense class was created by Mariah Prussia to help educate women on the different tactics to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

“The key thing is what’s going on in the world things are heighten so it’s really important for young teens and women to understand how to defend themselves,” said Prussia.

Learning self defense can help individuals raise their situational awareness, improve boundary setting, and enhance their skills from a standing and ground position.

“How to transition from one position to the next,” mentioned Prussia.

Prussia expresses how being aware can save your life.

“We have seen an increase in crime and violence. So for individuals the key thing is to come into self defense and understanding situational awareness is huge. How aware are you of your surroundings if you are not aware at all if you are looking down at your cell phone or if you are distracted, you are a target,” said Prussia.

With the recent increase in crime in downtown Fargo and the shooting near NDSU’s campus, incoming college students can learn from this class about the dangers of the world and not live in fear.

“Obviously I never been independent like on my own before so I feel like its a nice thing to know to protect myself I feel like I would be very safe on campus but you never know with going off campus or being somewhere you don’t know,” said Daryn Schultz who is an incoming freshman college student.

“My goal is to help empower people to live a strong and empowered life where they don’t have to worry about what’s around the corner but be aware of it. The potential is there so they have the strength they have the skills if it was to happen they know what to do,” said Prussia.

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