Back to normalcy is the phrase that best describes the year 2021 and NDSU football is focused on getting back into their normal rhythm.


This morning was the bison squad’s first padded practice of fall camp and the players were more than excited to semi suit up.

The team has less than a month to go before their season starts against U. Albany at the Fargo dome.

Quincy Patterson, the Virginia tech transfer, looking very healthy and making moves to add more force to the team.

Players compare last year’s fall camp to this year’s camp and are more certain about this upcoming season.

“Well last fall was a lot of uncertainty you know you had a lot of teams dropping put around us and the guys were kind of mumbling back and forth how are we going to do this it was just a lot of uncertainty and this year is go time this season this is normal and whatever happens on the outside it doesn’t matter its our team lets get going,” said DB Costner Ching.

“This is normal for us, so that’s how we are approaching it we are back in a normal cycle since June 1st its been our staff my thought process that everything is back to a normal cycle we have recruits on campus we went through a dead period sometime in august just like we would in any normal camp and this is fall camp just like we would anticipate having right now we are super excited to bac starting,” said head coach Matt Entz.

“Just to get better everyday I mean one percent better and its just those small improvements that will help us win ball games later on,” said Tight End Josh Babicz.


And you have a chance to meet the Bison herd on NDSU’s annual fan day on Wednesday, Aug. 11 4 to 6 p.m.  at the South parking lot of the Sanford Health Athletic Complex.

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