Osnabrock Community Living Center Helping People Stay: Town of the Year

OSNABROCK, N.D. — Some of Osnabrock’s longest-tenured people can stay in their home towns thanks to the Osnabrock Community Living Center.

The assisted living facility shut down in 2012, partially due to a lack of staff

A group of Osnabrock locals took it over, renovated it and re-opened it in 2013.

Paul Liebersbach, the President of the board of directors, says it’s important to them to give life-time Osnabrock residents a chance to stay in their beloved home town during their golden years.

“This is where they’ve been. For most of them they’ve been here their entire lives. It makes it easy or family and friends to visit,” said Paul.

This home is personal for many of the people who helped reopen it.

Liebersbach says most of the people involved have parents who lived at the home at one time or another.

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