West Fargo school bus drivers may refuse to work, families urged to find alternatives

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Administrators say a critical shortage of drivers could make it very difficult for some students to get to school in the West Fargo Public School District.

In an email Thursday, families are urged to establish a backup plan in case any routes are delayed or canceled.

“District administration has been informed of a group of transportation staff that have indicated their intent to potentially not show up for their assigned shifts” the email says.  “The board and administration have been working with this department over the summer to understand their concerns and to find common ground.”

“Unfortunately, with the possibility of a group of drivers not reporting to work, coupled with the critical shortage of bus drivers we are already experiencing, we need our families and staff to be aware of the high potential of service impacts this school year, including significant delays or cancelled routes. We encourage families to have a back-up plan should transportation services not be available.”

“There is a contingent of transportation department employees, we are unsure how many at this time, that have expressed dissatisfaction with their current rate of pay” according to WFPS spokesperson Heather Leas.

“Classified staff, of which bus drivers are included, had two opportunities during spring 2021 to share feedback with the School Board and administration related to salary and benefit changes for the next two school years. In addition to raises that were granted across this staff category, the Board also committed to the completion of a market analysis for all positions included in the classified staff category. The results of this analysis will guide the Board and administration in the determination of future raises.”

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