Kids to go back to school in style thanks to Cuts For Kids

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Classes are just around the corner and what could be better to impress your friends and teachers than a hair cut?

The Salvation Army partnered with Josef’s School of Hair, Skin and Body for its 12th year offering free hair cuts as part of its Cuts For Kids program.

It was sort of a spa day as kids could also get their hair washed, faces painted and put on temporary tattoos.

Josef’s staff wants people to remember it’s not just pencils, paper and folders kids need to go back to school.

“Haircuts are sometimes last on the list, but sometimes the most important for us to feel good,” Josef’s School Director Alisha Schaeffer said.

“We just love partnering with Josef’s. Their students are phenomenal, their teachers, their directors. Everybody is awesome,” Fargo Salvation Army Volunteer Coordinator and Public Relations Kristi Simmons said.

The Salvation Army plans to team up with Josef’s again for free adult haircuts sometime this fall.

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