Local Red Cross sends supplies and volunteers South

The organization has sent 4 volunteers from the F-M area along with one disaster response vehicle loaded with supplies and food to help victims of the hurricane.

FARGO, N.D. –The Eastern North Dakota & Northwestern Minnesota Chapter of the Red Cross has deployed a number of volunteers to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Ida.

The vehicle will go from door to door in neighborhoods or can be set up at local shelters in the affected states .

The red cross has also sent 19 volunteers and three disaster responses vehicles
our Tri- State area to the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

“Many of our volunteers locally are going to help out with the sheltering operations in those areas in the gulf. So we have pre positioned supplies, cots blankets, water, all of those things we kind of pre positioned to get ready for an event like this,” said Executive Director Kevin Mehrer.

If you would like to donate your time or give a donation to the Red Cross you can visit their website.

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