Moorhead Police investigate shooting

1100 Block 19th Street South, Moorhead
Mhd Violent

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) –Moorhead police are investigating a shooting that occurred yesterday evening in a Moorhead neighborhood.

At 10:30 on Wednesday evening officials from the Moorhead Police department responded to the Romkey Park neighborhood on the 1100 block of 19th Street South for reports of shots fired.

“I woke up and saw the cops outside the door and window and they’ve been out here so much lately it’s not shocking I guess,” said Shauna who lives in the Romkey Park neighborhood.

When officers arrived on scene they identified the parking lot right behind me as the scene of the crime. A few moments later they identified a victim who had sustained gunshot wounds. That victim was transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries.

“He was hit in the foot and they’re still currently looking for a suspect so there is not one under arrest right now but they are working on that actively right now as we speak, in this case there was enough evidence from what they’ve collected so far that they know the parties know each other,” Moorhead Police Chief Shannon Monroe said.

Shauna, who hasn’t lived in the neighborhood long, says crime in the area happens all too often.

“I just moved in here around the first and my son’s tent got stolen already, his wagon has been stolen it’s just really scary actually to be around here,” said Shauna .

According to Chief Monroe the neighborhood is a hot-spot for crime, with an increase in aggravated assaults and theft.

“That particular area is some older apartments where we’ve got a number of blocks of apartment buildings. So, they are a lot smaller, a lot more cramped. So, there’s a very high and dense population in that area which is going to generate more calls for service,” Monroe said.

As the investigation continues Monroe it’s to early to announce a suspect.

“When the investigation has moved to a point where we’re trying to locate a suspect, we’ll get information out at that time to say here’s a person of interest that we’re looking for and see if we can generate some information at that time, but right now it would be a little bit early,” added Monroe.

Monroe says the department is largely in response mode in crime hot-spots and working to reduce calls for service in areas with repeating incidents.


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