University of North Dakota honors 9/11 victims

"Today is a way for our campus to come together to honor their memories and to better appreciate their service and what they gave."

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) — The University of North Dakota is commemorating the lives lost 20 years ago during the September 11th attacks.

“Today is a way for our campus to come together to honor their memories and to better appreciate their service and what they gave,” UND President Andy Armacost said.

20 years since tragedy struck, the memory of 9/11 remains clear.

“There’s a great phrase, never forget. Never forget what happened on September 11th and let’s remember all of the people who have given too much to our nation and sacrificed their lives in service to the nation. This building and the markers out in front really are a great reminder to people who probably weren’t even alive when many of these things happened. It’s just a great visible reminder for them to think about the history and the understanding and to appreciate what those have given,” said Armacost.

Some UND students who are too young to remember what unfolded that day say the memory may not exist, but nonetheless the honor, respect and dedication remains.

“This was something that impacted all of them in an extremely difficult… The service members that protect us that keep events from happening in the modern day are something that need to be remembered especially among our student body,” UND Student Body President Kaelan Reedy said.

“The lasting legacy of not only remembering the attacks, but also the people who served and continue to serve for our country. I think that a memorial for this helps tie in the fact that young 20 something year old students aren’t the only people here. This is a large community and being there to support another is really important,” UND Student Body Vice President Dawson Dutchak said.

To further honor those who gave their lives, a tree and two plaques will serve as a reminder for all who pass UND’s Memorial Union.

“A new tree has been planted and will serve as a memory with the lives lost due to the acts of terrorism on September 11th 2001 . The new monuments that will be installed in dedication to all who have unselfishly served to protect our country will be a lasting reminder that the UND community will never forget the event that happened on September 11, 2001,” said Dutchak.

Armacost is expected to be a keynote speaker at tomorrow’s 9/11 commemoration and grand opening of Grand Forks’ Veterans Memorial Park.

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