Watch: Fargo School Board member facing recall vote receiving national media attention

FARGO (KVRR) – Fargo School Board member Dr. Tracie Newman has been getting national media attention regarding her support for students to wear masks to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in schools.

Newman, a pediatrician, is one of four board members being targeted by a recall effort.  She was recently profiled by the Wall Street Journal and has appeared on CNN and MSNBC.

“It saddens me that well-intentioned people in their communities are trying to take roles of leadership and trying to serve in elected positions, and facing unfortunately, backlash and vitriol in some instances” Newman told CNN Tuesday.

“We certainly here in North Dakota, are seeing exponential rise of pediatric COVID cases week-to week.  We’re doing our best to be proactive and to keep our schools open and our businesses open and our communities healthy.”

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