New Community Garden Provides a Safe Space For Grieving

The Garden Of Healing Giving The Community with A Listening Ear & Hope

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – One faithful lunch meeting sparked something magical.

Jodi Plecity, founder of the Peoples Rising, met Sarah and Arlin Fischer, the founders of the Crosses For Cameron Foundation. Both organizations knew about pain and grieving. Jodi suffered the loss of four children and Sara’s late son Cameron Bolton, who passed away in 2018, was part of the inspiration for the Garden of Healing.

“It was one of those things that kinda came and appeared into my life, and the connection with Sarah and Arlin we just ran with it. And we’ve become this super strong team of friends, almost like family,” Plecity said.

They’ve created something that will not only honor the legacy of their lost ones, but provide that same opportunity for people in the community dealing with their own loss.

“I just think bringing people together and outside like this is just healing in itself,” Plecity explained.

People have already began to respond and use this space to express themselves. Complete strangers brought together by grief.

“Every time we’re here some random person stops, every time that we’ve been here, and they talk and share a story. Or they share something that happened to a family member and it’s just incredible the connection. I think just being an outlet for people when they come by here. It’s just been so rewarding to me,” Plecity said.

This is a place that was inspired as an outlet for grief but was built with love.

“Being a part of it, getting our hands dirty, actually planting the plants, literally putting down the 10,000 pounds of mulch… I’m not joking, it was really 10,000 pounds. It was fun actually, it was really rewarding,” Plecity said.

Along with all the plants on the Garden Pathway you may notice the bricks that contain special messages.

“The bricks represent anyone you’ve lost an organ donor, a recipient, someone that may have had a rebirth of life, has a positive message to say. We have bible verses on it,” Plecity said.

Like any garden, this is a place for growth also.

“This isn’t just a place for loss, and also a place for living life,” Plecity said.

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