FMWF Chamber launches workforce initiative

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — FMWF Chamber has launched a workforce initiative aimed at helping people find suitable jobs and assisting local businesses in finding the right employees.

Those with the Chamber believe the newly-launched digital platform called Ignite FMWF will be transformational in the way workers and employees find each other.

“We have a lot of great individuals, companies, nonprofits, and educators doing tremendous things but there’s no system to connect everything together,” said FMWF Chamber Vice President of Workforce and Talent Mason Rademacher.

With tools allowing people to explore careers, build a resume, view available jobs, learn about local companies, and take online training, Ignite is designed to be that missing connection.

Educators are hopeful the platform will also serve as a way for students both inside and outside of the metro to explore potential careers and get real-life workforce experiences.

“Like any rural community, we have limited connections with the amount of businesses and opportunities in our small areas,” explained Northern Cass Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Corey Steiner. “I think before, and not on purpose, the rural schools were often left out of this conversation because of the distance between there and Fargo. Ignite has changed that. We’re no longer left out of conversation. We are now sitting at the table for that conversation.”

According to the most recent data, Fargo had a 2.5% unemployment rate in August. Moorhead’s unemployment rate was 2.6%.

Even with low unemployment numbers, those with FMWF Chamber say our region has a problem: “The number one challenge is the ability for our companies to attract, retain, and develop high quality talent,” said FMWF Chamber CEO Shannon Full.

There are over 5,000 jobs currently listed on the website, with the majority of them in management, business and finance, and healthcare.

“We have a tremendous amount of new Americans that we welcome into our community and our region and this is a great opportunity to also help them identify different career opportunities and pathways that they might be interested in pursuing as well,” added Rademacher.

FMWF Chamber hopes Ignite will be a solution to filling open positions in our region.

The platform is free for all users.

Click here to get redirected to Ignite.

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