People of all abilities take the stage at HOPE Inc. Fashion Show

"It gives them a chance to shine."

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Hope Inc.’s 10th Annual Fashion Show runway was filled with models of all ages, dressed to impress.

Models ranging in ages 3 to 65 years old showcased the latest fashion, center stage at the Hope Inc. Fashion Show in Moorhead.

“We had over 60 kids and adults come and strut their stuff on stage and have the opportunity to shine,” says Bill Grommesh, Hope Incorporated’s Executive Director.

Juanita Garcia has been a part of Hope Inc. for 15 years, participating in several activities, with the fashion show being among her favorites.

“We get clothes and present to them, it is so much fun. I love that we connect with friends and get to know each other,” says Juanita Garcia, long-time Hope Inc. participant.

“I like the fashion show because it is so fun seeing my friends and I like my outfit!”

Grommesh says his favorite part is seeing all of the smiles on stage.

He adds,”I think it is just awesome when the kids get up there and they are nervous, but we start talking about them and all of a sudden you see a smile on their face. They are soaking it up and they are saying, ‘This is my time, this is special and I am special,’ and that is great.”

Hope Incorporated offers a variety of programming for all abilities.

“We go year round and we try to find something for everybody. We are trying to reach the people with mobility challenges and tell them to come give it a shot, you are gonna like it,” explains Grommesh.

HOPE INC. provides several fun activities for both kids and adults with mobility issues.

For more information on Hope Inc., visit their website at

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