Protesters with opposing viewpoints take to Veteran’s Memorial Bridge

Activists on different sides of issues like vaccine mandates and police brutality take to the streets in Moorhead to voice their opinions.

Moorhead, MN, (KVRR)- “You can tell with what’s going on in our country it continues to build on both sides, so we’re just taking a stand for freedom,” said Ed Hirchanson of the Freedom Rally.

“Right now they’re screaming freedom, they’re saying that they’re against fascism, they’re against government, but they’re saying they’re against government while holding the American flag and holding blue lives matters signs, and thin blue lines flags they’re supporting government while saying they’re anti government,” said Vanessa Clark of the Anti Facism Rally.

Right wing supporters gathered Saturday on the veterans memorial bridge for a freedom rally. They were met by clashing arguments of left wing supporters. Everything remained peaceful, but it’s very clear both sides are very passionate about what they believe.

Protesters could be seen and heard yelling at one another from both sides of the bridge.

Topics like vaccines and mask mandates, freedom from government control and police brutality regarding black lives matters were some of the messages echoed.

“Freedom loving people are here to stand up for our rights, and whether you believe in the vaccinations or not the mandate is more so what I’m concerned about,” David Query¬† of the Freedom Rally.

“We need to support science and understand how science works, how vaccinations work to stop the spread and to develop hurt immunity to fight against these things,” said Clark.

Both sides agreed that action needs to be taken, and are looking to draw more people to their causes. Freedom Rally Organizer Ed Hirchanson believes his side needs to start with the local government.

“We would like to see a lot of people that are here to start taking back their country by getting on their school boards, getting on their local city boards, getting on their township boards,” said Hirchanson.

“We also need people that do get it, that do see it to step up, anti fascism implies action, you have to be willing to get out in the streets,” said Clark.

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