NDSU attracts dozens for games and free candy

It's no secret kids love costumes and candy and thankfully, there was plenty of both at Boo at NDSU.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — “The children are having a great time connecting with our athletes, fraternities and sororities, our residence hall groups and just the students that are here to welcome them, they’ve been so excited,” said Leadership Development and Residency Personnel Jen Kacere.

Kids racked up on all kinds of candy, played games and were given free admission to the Bison Women’s Soccer game, where they hosted the top team in the Summit League ConferenceĀ  The University of Denver.

Before the game kicked off, all of the action was in the Sanford Health Athletic Complex parking lot where dozens of families came out.

Some costumes stood out among the rest.

“I saw a big blowup panda. I think that was my favorite,” said Erich ForilandĀ  of Theta Chi Fraternity.

It was an opportunity for the Bison to give back to the community that supports them so passionately.

“I think it’s really good to give back and use our platform for a positive. You know I know a lot of the kids in the community see us as role models, so it’s really cool to be out here and interact with them, kind of give them a sense of what Bison athletics are all about,” said Trent Davis track athlete.

And the youngsters showed off their athletic ability as well with free candy on the line.

“The kids have been pretty happy to play bags with us which was kind of surprising and obviously, they just like the candy,” said Davis.

“I got Twix. I tried to go for Twix cause they’re my favorite candy. I also got some Trollies and also got some Sour Patch Kids. I got everything,” local kids said.

One of the athletes says this year’s turnout was more than they expected.

“We’re just so grateful we’re able to provide this family friendly event for Fargo Moorhead,” said Kacere.

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