Flag Raised at Sanford Health To Mark Eye Donation Month

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Sanford Health holds a flag raising ceremony to kick off Eye Donation Month.

Dakota Lions Sight and Health says cornea transplant surgery has the highest success rate of any other transplant surgeries.

The demand also continues to grow across the country.

Sanford has used these flag dedications to honor the sacrifice donor’s and their families have made.

As well as a way to educate the community about eye donations and celebrate the recipients who are able to retain their sight.

“It’s a way we get to honor and celebrate the blessing of the sacrifice of that patient and their loved one,” said Katie Menne, Director of Spiritual Care at Sanford Health in Fargo.

“Really it’s about their loved one. How do we honor that loved one. The family helps raise the flag and it flies for 24 hours and then the family receives that flag.”

The staff encourages those who aren’t donors to consider becoming one for the greater good.

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