Commission Agrees To “Africa” Liquor License Transfer, But There Is a Hitch

Africa Liquor License

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargo City Commission agrees to move ahead with the transfer of a liquor license at the soon to be former Africa International Restaurant and Nightclub.

But not before an in-depth debate about when the license should be transferred to the new owners, 518 Properties.

By a three to two vote, with Commissioners John Strand and Tony Gehrig voting no, the commission is allowing the application process to move forward only after a manager and concept for the business is in place.

Commissioner Dave Piepkorn was concerned about the timing of the vote saying a delay could cost the former owners a lot of money.

“Until we approve the sale of the license, the past owners are at risk of losing the money that they have, do you get what I’m saying? And so that’s my concern cause it’s a significant amount of money,” said Piepkorn.

Commissioner John Strand said, “We think we’re trying to help them not lose as much money in the sale of that license and their asset but we’re back to square one where we’ve got another applicant who doesn’t have a plan, doesn’t have a manager.”

A man representing the new ownership group say they are close to finalizing a manager and concept for the business.

The former owners were in danger of losing the liquor license altogether due to numerous police calls and a deadly shooting.


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