Students at Ed Clapp Elementary thank staff at Essentia Health

Second grade class brings cards and treats to thank healthcare workers

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — The pandemic has put immense stress on everyone who works in healthcare. 

With long hours and an endless amount of patients, a little recognition can really make someone’s day. Stephanie Schuster’s second grade class is here to personally deliver just that.

“Our citizens care about what happens in buildings such as this. So, our healthcare workers are working hard and we appreciate the community and their acknowledgement of the hard work that they’re doing,” said Nicole Christensen, Essentia’s Chief Nursing Officer.

Essentia is Ed Clapp Elementary’s “Adopt-A-School” partner. The program brings kids and area businesses together for special events, field trips, and more.

The pair have worked together to have healthcare workers volunteer at many wellness events and related programming at the school.

The thank you cards and treats the kids brought for their heroes will get to be seen by everyone, letting the hospital staff see how much they are loved.

“We’ll probably line the walls with them so they have an opportunity to read the different notes. Some of them are totally heartfelt. I have a box here that they gave me so many of our staff and leaders here will read many of them,” said Nicole.

For all healthcare workers at Essentia Health, these kids have put a new hope into their hearts. The drawings and words of encouragement are something that these workers will never forget.

With all of the cards in her hands, Nicole was able to read one of the many messages that were given to the workers.

“You are the best, thanks for all you do, thanks for being brave,” quoted Nicole.

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