Children of pediatricians take newly approved Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for young kids

Children of two pediatricians are among the first five to 11 year olds in our region to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Children of two pediatricians are among the first five to 11-year-olds in our region to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

“I put it on my list a long time ago when I started making my Christmas list for this year, and I was really excited when I heard we could get it,” 11-year-old Stella Horner said.

Four young ladies were some of the first young children in our area to receive their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and expressed how eager they were to start the process of being vaccinated.

“It makes me pretty happy to see that they have some altruistic values in them, they know that the risk of them having serious problems from the COVID infection is very low and they’re still happy to get it, to protect those people that can’t get it,” Sanford Health Pediatrician Dr. Melissa Horner said.

It was truly a family affair and they all had their reasons.

“It’s just the thought about getting it, it’s not really scary. It doesn’t hurt. It just feels like you’re getting a mosquito bite,” Six-year-old Vienna Horner said.

“So I can protect others and so I can stop wearing a mask at school,” 9-year-old Scarlett Horner said.

These parents want to ensure their daughters have the possibility to stay in school as distance learning has taken a toll over the last couple years.

“We know this is not only going to keep kids out of the hospital, keep them from getting serious diseases but also help keep them in school. After going through years of distance learning and hybrid, we know that being in school, in person, is the best thing for kids right now,” Sanford Health Pediatrician Dr. Stephanie Hanson said.

The North Dakota Department of Health expects 18,000 initial doses of the pediatric coronavirus vaccine. That’s enough enough to cover 25 percent of the state’s population of children ages five to 11.

Kids who receive their first dose at Sanford Pharmacy can return in three weeks for their second dose that would make them fully vaccinated around the holidays.

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