NDDOH Says Pediatric Vaccine Will Ease Up Hospital Capacity Statewide

"This will help us enter a into a new stage of the COVID-19 pandemic."

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) – North Dakota Department of Health officials discussed the availability of pediatric COVID-19 vaccines.

“We would prevent over 18,000 cases, 80 hospitalizations, 42 cases of MIS-C, and 26 ICU admissions. And this is just for every million doses administered just to that 5 to 11 age group,” North Dakota Department of Health Immunization Director Molly Howell said.

With FDA and CDC approved pediatric vaccines, North Dakota Department of Health officials hope to see a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Health professionals are urging parents to get their children vaccinated.

“When we weigh the benefits and risks, the benefit of getting the COVID vaccine to the risk of a potential adverse event from the COVID vaccine. For me, there is no measurement,” University of North Dakota Center for Family Medicine Pediatrician Dr. Joan Connell said.

Dr. Connell says now that her kids are vaccinated, she has peace of mind knowing that they are not spreading the infection to vulnerable populations.

“For me, it was important. My mom was in the nursing home when my teenagers were vaccinated and that was a relief to know that my kids probably would not be exposing my mom to COVID,” Dr. Connell explained.

With more people vaccinated, fewer hospital rooms would be filled with COVID-19 patients.

“COVID-19 is not only affecting people who get the infection but it is also affecting the healthcare capacity, which is severely limiting the care that the people in our community need. Essentially if we had everyone vaccinated, we would not have these problems,” Sanford Health Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Avish Nagpal

According to the CDC, children aged five to 11 represent about two percent of all deaths related to COVID-19.

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