Police Respond To A Number of Crashes As Roads Get Slick in Fargo

North Dakota Highway Patrol also urging all motorists to travel with care.
Slick Roads 111321

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — With some more fresh snow in the FM Metro the roads have become slick.

Police in Fargo are asking drivers to slow down and increase the distance between vehicles.

They responded to 11 crashes Saturday morning in a four and a half hour period.

While the major roads have been plowed, a sheet of ice remains underneath.

Police say many of these crashes are preventable and are caused by people driving too fast for the conditions.

Failure to have your vehicle under control is a $60 fine.

North Dakota officials are advising travelers in the central part of the state to stay home as a mix of freezing sleet, rain and snow hit roads.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation issued the no travel advisory for an area stretching from Bowbells to Fort Yates. Much of that region is under a winter weather advisory from the National Weather Service.

Forecasters say the storm will shift into the northern part of the Great Plains, potentially bringing freezing rain and high winds.

North Dakota Highway Patrol is urging all motorists to travel with care.

High winds are occurring across western and central North Dakota.

During these conditions, high-profile, long-load type, and permitted over dimensional vehicles
have restricted travel.

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