Fargo man accused of pointing a gun at Matbus driver


FARGO (KVRR) – A Fargo man is facing a felony terrorizing charge for allegedly pointing a gun at a Matbus driver.

According to court documents, the bus driver told police that Roger Unterseher stopped in front of his bus on Oct. 28 and pointed a gun at him.

The report says Unterseher wanted someone to get off the bus, but the driver wasn’t sure why.  The driver told police that he was in fear for his own safety and the safety of his passengers.

The driver said that a male passenger on the bus became “very agitated” and wanted to be let off after the gun was pulled.  A female passenger said she did not feel that the gun was pointed at her.

Police located Unterseher at his home, where he was arrested.  He denied pointing the gun and said he was holding his hand up.

Unterseher pleaded not guilty.  His next court appearance is scheduled in December.

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