North Dakota abortion opponents, supporters say effects of Supreme Court ruling could be profound

Demonstrators at Supreme Court 12/1/2021

WASHINGTON (KVRR) – The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard nearly two hours of arguments that focused on whether sweeping changes could be made to limit abortion rights.

Justices are being asked to overrule the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and the 1992 ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which reaffirmed Roe.

North Dakota Catholic Conference Executive Director Christopher Dodson was in Washington for the hearing. Dodson says he thinks there’s a good chance that the Supreme Court is ready to make some changes.

“It takes on Roe and Casey head-on” Dodson said.  “So, for people who are pro-life, like myself, this is the greatest opportunity we’ve had in a generation to strike at the heart of Roe and Casey, perhaps overturn them or significantly scale back.  I think both sides agree that that is what is at stake in this case.”

“The stakes could not be higher,” Red River Women’s Clinic Director Tammi Kromenaker said. “This would decimate access to abortion care for the people from North Dakota, South Dakota and northwestern Minnesota that rely on us for abortion care.”

“This would leave the most vulnerable folks in our region such as rural people, indigenous, black and other people of color and low resource people being forced to continue pregnancies they are not prepared for.”

The Supreme Court could issue a decision in June.

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