Pet Connection: Meet Thimble & Button

Thimble & Button join Pet Connection as a bonded pair from Cat's Cradle Shelter


We’re featuring a shelter for the very first time for this week’s Pet Connection.

Meet Thimble and Button from Cat’s Cradle Shelter. During our interview, Button got restless and jumped out of the arms of Natural Pet Center owner Michelle Smith.
They’re four-month-old bonded kittens.
They’re staying at Natural Pet Center while they’re waiting for a new home.
Because they’re bonded, the shelter wants to adopt the pair out together.

Smith says, “They have a special bond with each other and really balance each other off, and so one is a little bit shyer than the other, that was little Button that jumped down. Thimble is a little more outgoing and that’s why the rescue would like to keep them together.”

You can go visit Thimble and Button at Natural Pet Center during regular business hours. They have a private pet room where you and the kitties can get to know each other better in peace.

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