LIVE: Bison Illustrated Honors Homegrown Athletes Behind NDSU Success

Latest Issue of Bison Illustrated Out On Stand Now


Fargo, N.D. (KVRR-TV) — North Dakota athletes lead the way for NDSU athletic excellence.

That’s what we’re learning in this month’s issue of Bison Illustrated. The magazine is highlighting NDSU athletes who came from North Dakota high schools. They’re making a difference everywhere from the football field to track and field to the baseball diamond.

Spotlight Media’s Brady Drake offers his theory why local athletes aren’t recruited by larger out-of-state schools.

He says, “Some of that probably comes down to exposure. I think, it’s really cliché, but I think there’s that kind of blue collar lunch pail mentality that exists in North Dakota and I think that spills over into our athletes.”

You can find out more in Bison Illustrated and check out other Spotlight Media publications for free at stores throughout the metro.

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