Newborns at Sanford Health put in stockings with care

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – It’s a cute tradition for the holiday season: babies in stockings at Sanford Health’s Family Birthing Center.

They weren’t hung above the chimney, but they were put in there with care.

Natalie, Ziona and Rivyn were put in the stockings. They were born between Sunday and Wednesday morning.

Sanford staff say they have fun being creative with newborns and look forward to putting them in stockings every year. They add some of the staff are excited about any theme and start thinking about the fashion statements in October and November.

“We love being a part of anybody’s memories when their children are being born, but the first Christmas, a family’s first Christmas, is always really special,” Sanford Health Family Birth Center Director Jackee Haak said.

Two thousand nine hundred 15 babies have been born at Sanford this year. That beats the previous record by 15 with nine days left of 2021.

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