Clearing snow from your roof is important to prevent ice dams

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – With two snowstorms in two weeks, it may be time to think about clearing it from your roof so ice dams don’t form.

They are made when there’s a loss of heat on your roof with snow on top of it. Ice dams form water underneath them, it freezes and water backs up underneath the snow and goes underneath shingles.

Home improvement experts say your attic should be the same temperature as the outside of your home. They add ice dams are created more often on older homes.

“If you keep the snow off your roof at least back from your easement maybe six to eight feet, that helps a lot,” Mark Nelson with North Country Weatherization Technologies said.

If vents are covered with snow and ice, they can make carbon monoxide back up inside which can be deadly.

If you see ice forming on top of vents, you know it’s time to clean them off.

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