ice dams

Some People Are Experiencing Damage From Ice Dams In Their Homes

Experts tell us how to avoid damage and what are some of the misconceptions

FARGO, N.D.– Close to ¾ of the homes in the Fargo-Moorhead area are affected every year during the winter season due to ice dams. Professionals have already been receiving calls non-stop since the first snowfall. “We really don’t get calls until January. Mostly calls come in on January, February, but this year, I’ve already been taking calls for about two…

Experts Remind Homeowners to Keep Snow Off Roof, Prevent Ice Dams

One company has received over 100 calls in the last two days

MOORHEAD, Minn. — All the snow on top of the ice over your roof can cause it to cave in. When it keeps freezing and thawing over and over, it creates ice dams under your shingles. Experts say keeping the snow off with the right supplies including a roof rake and a thaw sack to get rid of the ice is…