Some People Are Experiencing Damage From Ice Dams In Their Homes

Experts tell us how to avoid damage and what are some of the misconceptions

FARGO, N.D.– Close to ¾ of the homes in the Fargo-Moorhead area are affected every year during the winter season due to ice dams.

Professionals have already been receiving calls non-stop since the first snowfall.

“We really don’t get calls until January. Mostly calls come in on January, February, but this year, I’ve already been taking calls for about two weeks here now, and I’ve been running around already. And as you can see here it’s already starting,” says Mark Nelson, CEO of NorthCountry LLC.

He says a lot of people have a common misconception in regards to preventing ice dams.

“People say the need to put more insulation in their attics and that is not necessarily true. A lot of times you have what’s called energy heels and that sits on top of your walls and that hold cold air in and your vents on top pull the hot air out. So, your attic should be the same temperature as outside. And a lot of times what happens they cover the energy heels and the and their vents get covered, then your attic gets warm and you have heat loss . That’s where you get the melt, especially under the snow because you can’t see it. That’s like a blanket on top,” he says.

Icicles hanging on your roof, can sometimes signal an ice dam.

“If you want to avoid damage on your house, as soon as you see an icicle buildup you definitely want to start getting that snow off your roof, otherwise when it starts to warm up, it’s going to build up and create ice dams, and it’s going to create damage to your roof,” says Jordan Bride, worker at NorthCountry LLC.

But they advise people to not try and remove it themselves as it can turn deadly.

“It’s really risky. I mean, we’re used to it and we’ve had fortunately. We’re very lucky, but we’re very careful too. So, It’s a big factor that’s for sure,” Nelson says.

Instead, they suggest hiring a professional to properly and safely remove all the icicles and ice dams.

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