Experts Remind Homeowners to Keep Snow Off Roof, Prevent Ice Dams

One company has received over 100 calls in the last two days

MOORHEAD, Minn. — All the snow on top of the ice over your roof can cause it to cave in.

When it keeps freezing and thawing over and over, it creates ice dams under your shingles. Experts say keeping the snow off with the right supplies including a roof rake and a thaw sack to get rid of the ice is the key. They say whatever you do, do not get on top of the roof with a snow blower.

“Probably not. It’s dangerous. As a matter of fact, we don’t ever go on the roof unless we have to like we’re cleaning out a vent or unthawing a vent. The least you can stay off the roof, the better,” said Mark Nelson, CEO of NorthCountry LLC.

Nelson says he received more than 60 calls Sunday and more than 80 today. If water starts running out of your ceiling, cut off the electricity immediately and call an expert for help.

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